Hot Spots in Dogs

Are you noticing red spots on your dog’s skin, along with redness, flaking, or irritation? If so, Fido may have hot spots. This a common problem in our canine pals! A Dallas, GA vet discusses hot spots below.

What Are Hot Spots?

Hot spots are a form of dermatitis, which is a catch-all term that covers any type of skin inflammation. The term ‘hot spot’ is used to describe a type of localized irritation, technically called pyotramatic or moist dermatitis. With hot spots, the skin becomes very inflamed in specific spots. You may see redness, inflammation, hair loss, and/or lesions, which may have pus or discharge. Needless to say, hot spots can be quite painful for your canine buddy!

Causes of Hot Spots

Hot spots can be caused by a variety of issues. Flea bites are one common culprit. Many dogs are allergic to fleas! Hot spots can also be caused by contact allergies or food allergies. It’s worth noting that hot spots and ear infections often go hand-in-hand, or hand-in-paw, with our canine companions. Fido also often actually causes or aggravates hot spots by biting and scratching himself. This tends to irritate an already-inflamed area. This then becomes a bit of a downward spiral, just like what happens when scratching worsens skin problems in people.


There some great medications that can help soothe Fido’s irritated skin and help him feel better. These treatments may include antibiotics, antifungal medications, anti-inflammatory medications, and antihistamines. Your vet may also recommend medicated shampoos and/or specific dips or sprays. In some cases, it may be necessary to clip the hair around the affected areas and treat the inflamed skin with a topical medication. Contact your vet right away to make an appointment.


It’s always better to prevent issues than to treat them. When it comes to skin issues, a good diet is definitely square one. Make sure your pup is eating a nourishing, high-quality food. Dogs may also benefit from nutritional supplements and/or fatty acids. It’s also important to keep up with parasite control products. If your furry buddy suffers from allergies, your vet may recommend taking some extra precautions, such as wiping Fido down with a damp cloth when he’s been outside. Ask your vet for more information.

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