Brushing Your Cat

One of the many things to love about cats is the fact that they are so clean. Fluffy will dutifully groom herself every day, keeping her pretty fur soft and smooth. However, your furry little diva will still benefit from regular brushing. A Dallas, GA vet discusses brushing kitties in this article.

Benefits of Brushing

Brushing is good for cats for several reasons. It removes dead fur, dust, and dander from Fluffy’s coat. This will keep her more comfortable, and will also help maximize the insulating properties of her fur. Plus, you’ll be removing all of that stuff from your furry friend’s coat before she swallows it. This directly translates into less hairballs, which, needless to say, is a huge plus for both of you. Regular brushing sessions are also a great chance for you to bond with Fluffy and spend time with her, which will make her feel loved and pampered. Finally, you’ll find less cat fur stuck to, well, everything, as you’ll be grabbing it with a brush before it ends up on your sofa.

Proper Techniques

There are some definite do’s and don’ts to brushing cats. First and foremost, pick a time when Fluffy is feeling relaxed, such as when she’s about to settle in for one of her 37 daily naps. Brush your pet gently, going in the direction of her fur. If you have a longhaired cat, you may need to use a detangling brush. Longhaired kitties often get snarls under their arms and legs, so pay extra attention to these areas. Incorporate cuddles, praise, and treats to make the experience pleasant for your cute pet and get that little motor going. When your feline overlord decides she’s had enough, just let her go. If you force her to submit, she’ll probably become very wary of being groomed in the future. Plus, that’s a good way to get scratched!

Hairless Cats

What about cats that don’t have fur? These kitties need some extra help in the beauty care department. Their skin still produces oil, so, unlike other cats, they must be bathed regularly. It’s also important to keep your feline friend warm on chilly days. You may need to get her a little coat or jacket. Ask your vet for specific advice.

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