Adopting a Shelter Cat

June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! There’s certainly no bad time to adopt a new feline pal. However, at this time of year shelters are often overwhelmed with kittens. If you’re ready to bring a new pet into your home, read on! A local Dallas, GA vet discusses adopting a shelter kitty below.


One great thing about going through a shelter is that you can pick from dozens—or even hundreds—of adorable kitties. In many cases, you can browse adoptable pets online, and just look for that one special feline that really tugs at your heartstrings. You may also find that going to a shelter is much cheaper than going through a pet store. Plus, you’ll be helping other animals, both by freeing up space at the shelter and by supporting them financially.


Before you bring Fluffy home, you’ll need to do some ‘purrparation.’ A trip to the pet store is in order. Fluffy will need food, beds, toys, beds, treats, beds, catnip, beds, a litterbox and litter, beds, some furniture, beds, and a scratching post. You’ll also want to get her a few comfy beds. (You can go the DIY route with many of these. Cats are just as happy to sleep on soft folded blankets as they are full sized beds.) 


We also recommend doing some petproofing. Remove or secure potential dangers, such as toxic plants, plastic bags and ties, ropes and cords, chemicals, medicine, and small or sharp objects. Ask your vet for more information.

Meet The Doctor

Speaking of veterinarians, one of the first things you’ll want to do is take Fluffy to meet her new doctor. Most shelter cats have already been fixed, but it’s a good idea for your kitty to get a nose-to-tail exam. Your feline buddy will need to get started on parasite control products as well. We also recommend that kitties be microchipped and spayed or neutered. If this hasn’t been done yet, schedule that appointment ASAP.

Getting Settled

Some cats will immediately sprawl out in the middle of the floor, and act as if they own the place. Others are more timid, and will spend days—or even weeks–hiding. Give Fluffy the time she needs to settle in. Toys, treats, and TLC will help you get that motor going!

As your Dallas, GA vet, we’re dedicated to offering great veterinary care. Call us anytime!

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