Helping Fido Cope With Storms

Is your dog frightened of storms? Many of our canine pals get very scared by those summer squalls. We can help! Read on as a Dallas, GA vet offers some tips on helping Fido cope with the thunder and lightning.

Adjust Fido’s Schedule

When you know it’s going to storm later, try to move Fido’s daily doggy schedule around a bit. Walk and play with him before the weather hits. Make sure your pup gets a good workout in! Your furry buddy will be much calmer if he’s already burned off his excess energy with a trip to the park or a fun game of Fetch.

Work On Desensitization

It may help to get Fido so used to the sounds of storms that he doesn’t find them unusual. One way to do this is to play a recording of storm sounds. At first, keep the volume low. Once your pooch seems to adjust, start turning it up slowly. You can also try giving your fuzzy friend a new toy or a special treat when during storms. Just don’t go overboard here: you don’t want to reward your canine companion for acting scared.

Offer Safe Haven

Fido will feel safer in a comfy, cozy spot when it’s raining. You can put him into his crate or in a quiet back room with comfy bedding, toys, and treats. Turn a radio or TV on to mask the noise.

Pet-Calming Sprays

There are many different pet-calming products to choose from, such as treats, collars, and sprays. These mimic the scent of dogs’ happy pheromones, and have a naturally soothing effect on Fido. Be sure to follow the package directions to the letter.

Calming Shirts

Consider getting Fido a calming doggy shirt. These work better with some dogs than with others, but it’s worth a try. Just don’t leave your four-legged buddy unsupervised while he’s wearing one of these.

Dryer Sheet

You may have heard about this one. Rubbing an unscented dryer sheet over Fido’s fur might help a bit. The thinking here is that some dogs are reacting to the static electricity associated with storms. The sheet may help with this. In any case, there’s no harm in trying. Just don’t let your canine buddy eat the sheet!

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