9 Things to Do With Your Dog This Year

Happy New Year! As we discard (or burn) our 2020 calendars, many people are setting personal goals for the coming year. Why not include Fido in your personal resolutions? In this article, a local Dallas, GA vet lists some great things you can do with your furry pal.

Strike A Pose

Dogs are super cute, and they really do take adorable photos. Enlist a friend to get some great shots of you with your canine buddy this year!


Man’s Best Friend definitely has an adventurous streak. Take Fido somewhere new this year, whether it’s a park, trail, or even a dog-friendly restaurant. You may find your new favorite place just a short drive away!

Enjoy A Treat

If it were up to Fido, this one would happen all day, every day. While too many snacks aren’t safe for your dog, there’s nothing wrong with giving him some treats. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Take A Nap

Dogs are great to go hiking and/or work out with, but they’re also great napping buddies. Carve out some time to just relax and hang out with your pup this year. 

Get In Shape

Is fitness one of your goals? Your canine pal can help you get in shape! Some dogs love running and swimming, while others may prefer long walks. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Yard Work

Do you have a yard for your pooch to run around in? Make it more dog-friendly by adding a doghouse, kiddie pool, or sandbox. You’ll also want to remove toxic plants, debris piles, and other potential hazards.

Higher Education

Does Fido obey simple doggy commands, like Sit, Stay, and Come? If not, take time to finish his training this year. Otherwise, move on to advanced commands, like Leave It.


There are few things cuter than seeing Fido just having fun with his favorite toy. Try to play with your furry bff every day. This will be great for your dog, and it will be fun for you, too!

Be Healthy

Many of the basics of good health are the same for both people and pets. Eat well, drink lots of water, and make sure you’re getting enough activity and enough sleep. This goes for you and Fido!

Happy New Year! Please reach out to us, your local Dallas, GA veterinary clinic, anytime.

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