Fluffy’s Purrfect 2024 Resolutions

Sending New Year’s cheer! And to our adorable feline patients, a Happy Mew Year (cats ring the new year in on January 2nd). As we hang our 2024 calendars and try to get used to writing the new year on things, many people’s thoughts turn to their aspirations for the coming year. Our feline buddies have their own to-do lists for the coming months! A local Hiram, GA veterinarian goes over some of them in this article.

Catch That Red Dot …. Finally! 

Fluffy may not meet her goal this year, but she’ll have fun trying. Help her out a bit by taking time to play with her. This is actually good for your pet, both physically and mentally! 

The laser pointer is actually a convenient way to keep your furry pal active and entertained. Just keep one close to the spot where you like to relax, and use it to amuse your furry friend during TV time. (Reminder: avoid shining the light into Fluffy’s eyes.) 

Get More Sleep

If we know one thing about Man’s Second Best Friend, it’s the fact that she is very, very tired. (We aren’t entirely convinced that cats actually need that much rest, but that’s another topic.) Kitties can spend up to 20 hours a day snoozing, dozing, napping, or sleeping, though most of them somehow manage to scrape by on about 12 to 18. Help your drowsy little buddy out by offering lots of comfy spots for her to curl up, sprawl out, or just flop down in. 

This can be a great resolution for people as well. Make sure that you’re getting suitable rest. Sleep is very important for your health and well-being!

Continue Charming The Humans

Did you know that we may have domesticated cats as far back as 9500 years ago? French archaeologists have discovered an early burial site, in which human remains were interred with those of a cat. This purrticular site was found in the Neolithic village of Shillourokambos on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. It’s estimated to be about 4000 years older than the earliest known Egyptian art of cats. 

We do know that, back in those early days, we treasured cats for their hunting skills. Fluffy helped keep mice and other vermin out of our food stores. In return, she earned food, water, and shelter. (Lap space, toys, catnip, pet furniture, and boxes came later.) While the details are fuzzy, it probably is safe to say that kitties didn’t take very long to have us wrapped around their paws. In fact, they may have started meowing specifically to manipulate us! 

Moth Patrol

Did you know that kitties are actually quite territorial and protective, in their own way? Fluffy will do her best to protect her kingdom from any unauthorized moths.

Consider Coordinating With Researchers … For Once

We’ve learned quite a bit about our feline friends in recent years. For instance, we’ve found that Fluffy can make nearly 300 different facial expressions. Another interesting discovery? Cats actually get much more attached to their humans than many people give them credit for. 

While it’s probably safe to say that Fluffy will never give up all of her secrets, we may learn more about her in the coming year. 

Improve Sprint Time

Does your cat sometimes just dash out of the room for no reason at all, or race down the hall unexpectedly? Kitty zoomies are always adorable to watch. Fluffy may want to shave a few milliseconds off her top speed next year.

Train Harder

That butt-wiggle/sprint/jump/pounce/roll/kick/meow combination cats do when they are feeling silly is always amusing. Fluffy may also want to try some new variations on this charming classic.

Work On Hairball Placement

Fluffy finds hairballs just as unpleasant as you do. They’re an unfortunate consequence of cats’ dedication to cleanliness. Our feline pals are meticulous about grooming themselves to maintain their beautiful coats. In fact, your furry friend may spend nearly a third of her waking hours grooming herself. However, this inevitably leads to Fluffy accidentally ingesting some of her own fur. Cats can’t properly digest fur. You know what happens next. 

This is unpleasant for you both … and can also be dangerous. Hairballs can sometimes form blockages, which can be life-threatening. Contact your vet if your kitty seems to be producing too many hairballs. Regularly brushing your pet can also help, as you’ll trap that fur in a brush before it gets stuck to everything. 

Choose a time when your kitty is feeling relaxed. Start by petting her, and then slowly incorporate the brush. When Fluffy has had enough, don’t force the matter: just let her go. 

If your cat seems to be getting a lot of hairballs, contact your Hiram, GA veterinary clinic.

Take Over Scotland

Cat Domination Day isn’t until June, but kitties seem to have a head start. Researchers involved in a rewilding program have successfully released Scottish Wildcats—a breed formerly declared functionally extinct—into the wild. 

The program, Saving Wildcats, oversaw the successful release of 19 wildcats, who are being tracked by GPS collars. Another thirteen kittens are being prepared for their own eventual release. 

This is a great start to re-establishing a species that was declared functionally extinct. While it’s probably safe to say that Scotland’s birds and mice are not as elated about this as we are, we’re rooting for these pretty kitties to make a purrfectly amazing comeback. 

Improve Flexibility

It’s important to stretch after a hard workout. (Or even a not-so-hard workout.) Did you know that cats also like to stretch while sharpening their claws? Consider getting your furry friend a vertical scratcher or cat tower.

Figure Out New Ways To Boss The Humans Around

Cats are masters of meow-pulation. Of course, while they aren’t shy about speaking their minds, they really only speak one word: meow. Things often get lost in translation. (Fun fact: several languages have very similar words for meow.)


Modern technology may lend a helping paw here. You can now get your furry overlord programmable paw pads. These speak specific words when kitties step on them. As expected, words like Treat and Catnip are the most popular. Of course, your results may vary. 

Bond With My Favorite Sunbeam

Fluffy isn’t actually cold blooded, and she doesn’t utilize solar power, but it seems nobody has told her that yet. It’s probably safe to say that at some point, you’ll find your furry pal snoozing in the sunlight. Help her out by making her a nice, comfy window seat, preferably one with a good view. 

Amuse The Humans

Kitties may be worth their weight in gold when it comes to comedic relief. Fluffy’s charming vocalizations, cute expressions, and generally comical reactions to things fill our lives and hearts with love and laughter. It’s safe to say that your furball is going to crack you up at least once.

Completely Take Over The Internet

Cat World Domination Day is a few months off, but our furry pals are already well on their way to achieving this goal. We’re looking forward to meeting next year’s social media celebrekitties! 

Happy New Year from all of us here at The Ark Animal Hospital, your Hiram, GA animal clinic. Please feel free to contact us for all of your kitty’s veterinary care needs. We look forward to providing great care in 2024 and for many years to come! 


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