Cute Ways To Celebrate Pet Bird Day

September 17th is Pet Bird Day! Polly may not be as popular as Fido and Fluffy, but she definitely has some devoted fans. There’s a good reason for that: birds are not only super cute, they make really fun and lovable pets. While toys and treats are great ways to brighten up your cute pet’s day, there are lots of other fun ways to celebrate. A local Dallas, GA vet lists some of them below.

Teach Polly A Trick

Many of our winged pals can learn tricks. And although not all birds can learn to talk or sing, most of them can be taught to hop onto a finger. Take a little time to work with your colorful little companion!

Dance Party

One of Polly’s cutest traits is the fact that she loves to dance. While not all birds like to boogie down, if your feathered buddy has moves, put on some of her favorite tunes and take a video of her bopping. This is bound to put a smile on your face!


Birds are very photogenic. Many of their features are really best appreciated close up. Snap some cute photos of your winged friend.

Movie Choices

What better way to wind down at night than with a fun bird movie? Rio is of course at the top of the list here. However, there are several other great ones to choose from, such as Angry Birds and Fly Away Home. If you’re in the mood for something darker, you can’t go wrong with The Birds or Birdbox. There are also lots of great documentaries to choose from, such as Attenborough’s Paradise Birds.

Quality Time

Like all other pets, Polly can get extremely attached to her humans. Your little buddy will be happiest when she’s with you. Carve out some extra time for your feathered pal!

Help Wild Birds

While this is Pet Bird Day, that doesn’t mean you can’t show a little love to Polly’s wild cousins. Get a new birdfeeder, or put up a birdbath. This is also a good time to spread awareness of small things people can do that will help small birds. Keeping cats inside is a good example of this. Kitties kill billions of birds every year!

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