Preventing Hot Spots In Dogs

Does your pooch get hot spots? These are sore, itchy patches on Fido’s skin. Hot spots—or acute moist dermatitis, as they are officially known—are definitely no fun for your canine buddy. Unfortunately, they tend to get worse if not treated, as dogs often lick and bite at the inflamed tissue, which only makes matters worse. A Dallas, GA vet offers some tips on preventing hot spots below.


First and foremost, make sure Fido is eating good, high quality food. Your furry pal’s exact dietary needs will depend on his age, size, lifestyle, and health. Hot spots can sometimes be caused by food allergies, so if your pup is constantly itchy, he may need to be tested. Ask your vet for more information.

Good Grooming

Keep up with your pup’s beauty sessions! Our canine friends can sport a variety of coat types and colors: long or short, curly or straight, sleek or fluffy. They all have slightly different grooming needs. With some dogs, cutting their fur can damage their coats, and lead to skin and fur problems, such as hot spots. With others, trouble arises if you don’t clip them. Do some research on this!

Avoid Foreign Bodies

Hot spots can also be caused by foreign objects, such as bee stings, thorns, or splinters. Keep your pooch out of high-risk areas, and try to stop Fido from eating bees. (Sorry, buddy: jalapeno sky raisins are not good for you!)

Avoid Irritants

Chemicals are another potential culprit. Keep Fido out of the way when you are cleaning and/or applying things like pesticides or fertilizers. Once you’ve applied yard products, like fertilizer, water the area so they sink into the ground.

Parasite Control

Fleas, ticks, and other bugs can make Fido miserably itchy. Keep up with your furry best friend’s preventative care!


Just like people, dogs can experience boredom, stress, and depression. If Fido is unhappy, he may obsessively lick or bite himself. Make sure your pooch has lots of fun toys, and take time to walk and play with him daily. If your pooch spends a lot of time alone, he may also be lonely or anxious. Consider hiring a dog walker or enrolling him in doggy daycare. Or, get him a buddy to play with!

Does your dog have hot spots? We can help! Contact us, your Dallas, GA pet clinic, today!

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