Black Dog Day

Did you know that October 1st is National Black Dog Day? This ‘pawesome’ occasion was started to spread awareness about the plight of black dogs. Black pups are often overlooked in shelters, and have a harder time getting adopted than other pets. This is called ‘Black Dog Syndrome,’ and it’s really very sad, because these guys really do make wonderful pets. A Dallas, GA vet lists discusses black dogs in this article.

Lovable Pups

Why do black dogs have trouble getting adopted? It’s likely that Fido got caught up in the superstitions about black cats. This started in the middle ages, when black cats were unfairly associated with witchcraft. Whatever the cause, this bad PR is really unjustified. Black dogs are just as sweet, loyal, playful, and lovable as any other pooch!

Benefits Of Black Dogs

Black dogs really do have some specific charms. For one thing, they go with any outfit or decorating scheme. They also take absolutely adorable photos! Fido also typically looks clean, especially when his fur is well groomed. And, since black tends to absorb sunlight, darker pups are easy to spot in the snow. (Not that that’s much of an issue in these parts.)  Of course, the main reason to adopt a black dog is the same reason you would adopt any other dog. They’re awesome!


Many different breeds allow black coats within their ranks. The most well-known one may be the Black Labrador Retriever, which is actually one of America’s most popular dogs. Other pups that can have black coats include the Scottish Terrier, Doberman Pinscher, Giant Schnauzer, and the German Shepherd. There are many more, and we love them all!

Changing Times

Not all of the labels associated with black dogs are bad. In fact, there’s also a sort of mystique to black dogs that is catching on. There are now quite a few businesses and products that incorporate black dogs in their names or logos. For example, there’s Black Dog Whiskey, Black Dog Clothing, and several Black Dog stores. There’s also the Led Zeppelin song.

Helping Out

Are you ready to adopt a dog? Please don’t overlook these sweet pups! If you have a black dog, give Fido a special treat or a new toy.

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