Keeping Fluffy Entertained

Cats are very playful little pets. There’s nothing cuter than a frisky feline happily pouncing on a ball or chasing a catnip mouse around. Actually, keeping your kitty entertained and amused is very important. Fluffy will get sad and depressed with nothing do to but sleep and stare at the walls all day! Read on as a local Dallas, GA vet offers some tips on keeping your furry buddy happy, amused, and purring.


Toys are definitely the number one source of kitty entertainment! Offer your cute pet a variety of playthings. Change them out frequently to keep things fun and fresh for Fluffy. Also, remember to retrieve your kitty’s toys from under the sofa regularly.


We always advise keeping kitties indoors, as they are much safer indoors. However, your furry friend will appreciate having some plants to sniff at and nibble on. Fluffy also really enjoys hiding behind plants and then playfully ambushing you. Set out some pet safe plants for her. You can find a list of suggestions at the ASPCA website here.

Nooks And Crannies

Our feline friends are very curious, and they love to explore nooks and crannies. Offer your nosy little pet things to sniff around and investigating, such as newspaper tunnels, cardboard boxes, and paper grocery bags. Move these things around regularly to keep your kitty from getting bored.

Kitty TV

We know, this one sounds like a bit of a stretch. However, some cats really enjoy watching shows about birds, squirrels, fish, and other small critters. Give it a try and see!

Live Entertainment

Cats love to watch what is happening in their domains. Give your furry little voyeur a comfy window seat, where she can sit and spy on birds, squirrels, and, of course, people. If you have a yard, put a bird feeder up in your kitty’s line of sight for extra purrs.


Toys are very important, but kitty play sessions are even better. When you hold a plaything for your cat to pounce on, you’re challenging her both mentally and physically. This is great for her body and mind! It’s also more fun for your pet when she can’t predict what her prey is going to do. Try to spend a few minutes a day playing with Fluffy.

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