5 Dental Health Tips for Fido

It’s Dental Health Month! What better time of year to ask yourself an important question: how are your dog’s pearly whites looking lately? Dental problems are relatively common among dogs, so it’s essential that you keep on top of Fido’s oral health. Learn how below from a Dallas, GA veterinarian.

Feed a Proper Diet

A great way to make sure that your dog’s teeth and gums stay healthy is to feed him a high-quality diet. When your pooch gets the right nutrients through the food, every part of the body remains in good shape, the teeth and gums included.

You’ll also want to provide your pooch with plenty of cool, fresh water. This keeps Fido hydrated, and it helps to flush out leftover food particles and bacteria.

Brush Fido’s Teeth

When you brush your dog’s teeth on a regular basis, you’ll remove plaque in the mouth before it can harden into more dangerous tartar. Purchase a canine toothpaste and a pet toothbrush at your local pet supply store. Start by massaging your dog’s teeth and gums with your finger—a bit gross, sure, but it will get your dog used to the sensation of brushing! Next, introduce the paste so that your dog gets acclimated to the taste and smell. Then, you’ll be able to brush the whole mouth for healthy teeth and fresh breath. If you need help, contact your vet.

Provide Chew Toys

Did you know that chew toys are about a lot more than fun? The act of chewing keeps your pup’s teeth and gums strong, and chew toys help to scrape away a lot of loose plaque hiding along your dog’s tooth surfaces and gum line. Chew toys are great for keeping Fido’s mouth clean between brushing sessions.

Use Dental Sticks or Chews

Another great way to promote dental health is to try dental sticks or chews. You can also pick up dog treats that promote good dental health. Ask your vet if you would like a recommendation on products like these.

See Your Veterinarian

Last but not least, be sure to schedule dental cleanings at the vet’s office. This in-depth procedure cleans the parts of your dog’s mouth that you can’t reach with brushing at home. Set up your dog’s next dental cleaning if he’s overdue.

Ready to make your dog’s next office appointment? Contact your Dallas, GA animal hospital today. We’re here to help!

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