In-Home Pet Hazards to Watch Out for This Year

Happy 2020! You’re probably excited to spend another great year with your beloved animal companions. Just make sure they stay safe at home! Below, your Dallas, GA veterinarian tells you about some common in-home hazards to keep your dog or cat away from.

Toxic Foods

Plenty of human foods are bad for pets. Don’t let your pet chow down on anything harmful this year! The list includes onions, garlic, chives, leeks, scallions, shallots, grapes, raisins, chocolate, candy, gum, fatty foods, rich or buttery foods, salt, and alcohol, among others. If you insist on feeding your pet something made for humans, always check with your vet first to make sure it’s safe.

Human Medications

All sorts of human medications can poison a pet who manages to ingest them. Some common culprits include painkillers like aspirin, antidepressants, cough syrup, over-the-counter drugs, and prescription pills. And remember: a pet might easily be able to chew through that child-proof plastic cap that’s protecting your meds! That’s why it’s important to put all medications in a closed cabinet or closet where your pet can never reach them.

Poisonous Plant Life

All sorts of plants and flowers can prove toxic to pets, including dieffenbachia, ivy, elephant ear, philodendron, rhododendron (also called azalea), aloe plants, poinsettias, lilies, chrysanthemum, tulips, daffodils, and the sago palm, among many others. Don’t let your pet nibble on any plant life, and ask your veterinarian what kind of toxic plants and flowers are common where you live. Then, check your home, landscaping, and garden for any offenders!

Cleaning Supplies

While it’s not likely that your pet will seek out cleaning supplies to ingest, it’s possible for them to lick a spilled puddle or get at a chemical if it’s left open and unattended. Everything from household disinfectants and furniture polish to carpet cleaners and bleach can prove harmful for your animal friend, so keep a close eye out when using strong chemicals. If you’re using something that gives off strong fumes, move your pet elsewhere until fumes have dissipated.

Pesticide Products

Do you use pesticides in or around your home to get rid of pests like small rodents or insects? Remember that these products can also be poisonous to companion animals! Place pesticides carefully so pets don’t fall victim.

To learn more about keeping your pet safe at home this year, contact your Dallas, GA vet clinic. We’re always here to help!

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