5 Reasons Your Cat is Shunning Her Litter Box

One of the great things about cats is that they take themselves to the bathroom. Sometimes, though, our feline friends decide to not use their litter box for one reason or another. There are many possibilities! Your Dallas, GA veterinarian tells you about a few of them below.

Bathroom Cleanliness

If you don’t clean out your cat’s litter box often enough, he or she might decide to avoid it entirely. Much like you, your cat doesn’t like doing their business in a dirty bathroom! We recommend scooping out your cat’s waste every day or every other day, and changing out the litter entirely about once a week or so. This ensures that things stay fresh for Fluffy.

Box Placement

Your cat can be rather picky about where the bathroom is located. After all, they don’t want to do their business in a crowded, noisy area with a lot of human and pet traffic. Place the litter box in a quiet area of the house, like a basement, laundry room, or private bathroom, where your cat can use the box in peace.


Did you know that cats can experience stress, just like you can? Changes in your household can affect your feline friend, and one of the results might be an aversion to the litter box. Household changes like new family members or pets, remodeling, or even something as simple as a new candle scent can throw your pet off! Try to minimize sources of stress at home to help your cat feel more comfortable.

Litter Preference

There all kinds of different litter types out there, and different cats like different ones. You might have to do a little experimenting to find out what your cat prefers. Most cats like non-scented litters, and there are a variety of granule sizes, base materials, and more. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation on a great litter choice for Fluffy.

Medical Issue

Last but not least, it’s entirely possible that a medical problem could be the root cause of your cat’s litter-box aversion. Everything from urinary tract infections and infectious disease to arthritis and physical injury could be the root cause! If you can’t seem to determine another cause for your cat’s behavior with her litter box, it’s time to set up an appointment at the vet’s office.

Call your Dallas, GA vet clinic to learn more about your cat’s litter box habits.

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