All About Pet Microchips

A microchip is the best way to ensure that your pet stays properly identified for a lifetime. If you’re new to pet ownership, or if you’re unfamiliar with this fascinating technology, read on as your Hiram, GA veterinarian goes over the basics!

What Exactly is My Pet’s Microchip?

A microchip is tiny computer chip, no larger than a single grain of rice. A number is implanted on it electronically, which corresponds to the manufacturer’s database where your pet’s contact information is housed.

When a lost pet is returned to a shelter or vet’s office, specialized scanning devices there can read the chip’s electronic number. This allows the professionals to see who the pet belongs to and get them returned safe and sound.

How Does a Microchip Benefit My Pet?

A microchip can’t be removed by your pet the way a collar holding ID tags may be torn away or chewed off. This gives you peace of mind—even if your pet escapes unexpectedly, you know they’re identified no matter what!

Microchips offer another benefit in that you only have to purchase one for the life of your pet. If you get a new phone number or home address, there’s no need to get another microchip—simply contact the manufacturer to have them update your pet’s information in the database.

Can I Track My Pet?

No, microchips are not GPS tracking devices and you won’t be able to track your pet’s movements if they were to run away or get lost. They simply contain an identification number. There are other tracking-type devices on the market, though!

Is There Any Risk?

The microchip is housed inside of a tiny glass capsule, and the whole unit is inserted under your pet’s skin using a special syringe-like device. The process only takes a moment or two, and all your pet feels is a momentary pinch. It’s much like a regular vaccination! The microchipping procedure is virtually risk free, although some minor swelling or irritation could occur at the injection site. These symptoms will almost always disappear on their own, but let your veterinarian know if they seem to be sticking around.

How Do I Get Started?

Would you like to know even more about microchips and proper pet identification? Is your pet in need of a microchip? We’re always here to help! Set up an appointment right away with your Hiram, GA animal hospital.

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