Cute Ways to Spoil a Guinea Pig

Have you recently adopted a Guinea pig? These guys really do make adorable little pets. They’re not only quite sweet and docile, they’re inexpensive, easy keepers that don’t need much room. However, like any pet, these guys do have some specific needs, and they will thrive the most if those needs are being met. A Dallas, GA vet lists some ways to pamper your cavy below.

Great Cage

Cavies are on the bigger end of the pocket pet scale, with many of them being about the same size as a very small dog or cat. Your furry friend will need lots of room to run and play. We recommend offering at least 10 square feet for one Guinea pig, though you’ll need more than that if you have two or more. Multi-level cages can be a great way to increase your adorable pet’s living space without giving up much of yours.


Guinea pigs are very sociable. In fact, they get quite lonely with no friends to snuggle up with. In fact, in Sweden, it’s considered a crime to only have one. We recommend getting at least two cavies. Of course, you only want to keep same-sex Guinea pigs together, as otherwise they will breed.


Cavies are very playful. They also need to chew quite a bit, as otherwise they will develop painful dental problems. Make sure your pint-sized pal always has lots of toys, including plenty of chew toys. Store-bought toys are great, but you can also make your own. Look online for options and ideas. Just be sure to stick with safe playthings. Avoid anything small or sharp, as well as anything that could be toxic.

Proper Nutrition

Like other pets, cavies need proper nutrition to thrive. Guinea pigs can eat commercial food for their main meals. They should also have grass hay. They’ll also need fresh produce, and, of course, the occasional treat. Making sure your buddy is getting Vitamin C is also important. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Here’s one reason Guinea pigs make such fun pets: They’re actually quite affectionate, much more so than many other small animals. In fact, many cavies like to sleep on their humans’ laps. Pay attention to your little buddy, and take time to play with him.

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