Choosing a Spot for Your Birdcage

Have you recently adopted a new pet bird? Congratulations! Polly may be small, but she has a huge personality. When it comes to caring for your feathered friend, making sure that she is comfortable in her cage is extremely important. Getting a great cage is of course a big part of this, but location matters, too. Read on as a Dallas, GA vet lists some things to consider when sorting out Polly’s accommodations. 


Birds are quite sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Don’t put Polly in direct sunlight, or near a heating duct, air conditioner, or fireplace. Spots near or beneath fans are also not great. (Note: fans, especially ceiling fans, are a serious hazard for birds.)


Birds have extremely delicate lungs, so you’ll need to make sure the air Polly breathes is clean and pure. Fumes can make our feathered buddies very sick! You’ll want to keep your pet away from any type of crafting area or workshop that might emit fumes from paint, turpentine, glue, or other chemicals. You also don’t want to put your bird near the kitchen, as cooking fumes are also unsafe. 


We know, some of our feathered pals are actually quite loud. However, even if Polly loves belting out her own rendition of Sweet Caroline or Since You’ve Been Gone, she won’t be very comfortable right in front of the TV or next to a speaker. 


In the wild, birds have to always be on the lookout for predators. Polly may feel uneasy if she is out in the open. Many birds seem to feel most comfortable in corners, as they are only exposed from one side. 


Birds are very sociable and friendly, and they can get very nervous and unsettled if they spend too much time alone. Polly will be happiest if she can see, hear, and interact with you, even when she’s inside her cage. A corner spot in a living room or family room is a good bet. 


While some birds, such as finches, need some sunlight, a room with a lot of windows may be too bright for Polly. Of course, you don’t want your winged buddy sitting in a dark room, either. Find a spot with comfortable, natural lighting.

Please contact us if ever we can be of assistance. As your Dallas, GA veterinary clinic, we’re here to help. 

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