Hedgehog Care Tips

Are you looking for a pet that is small but completely adorable? A hedgehog may be the perfect choice for you! Although hedgehogs aren’t as popular as many other small pets, they can make great little buddies. A local Dallas, GA vet discusses caring for Hedgie below.


The hedgehog most commonly sold as a pet is the African Pygmy Hedgehog. These guys are quite small, rarely growing more than 8 inches. They can live up to 5 years with proper care.


Hedgehogs are quite active, so you’ll need to get a good, roomy cage. It can have wire, glass, or plastic sides, but make sure it has a solid bottom and great ventilation. You’ll also need to add a good substrate, a few hides, some beds, and dishes. Ask your vet for more information.


You’ll need to provide your little buddy with lots of fun toys. Hedgehogs tend to go for brightly colored things. You can give your pet balls, little cars, stuffed animals, solid exercise wheels, and puzzle games. Avoid anything with dangling threads, as he could get his paws stuck. Small or sharp items are also unsafe, as are things coated in paint or varnish.


In the wild, hedgehogs mostly eat insects. Your pet can have a commercial hedgehog food, or a good dry cat food. You can supplement this with things like mealworms and crickets. Like any other pet, these guys love treats. You can give your little buddy boiled chicken, cooked eggs, or certain fruits and veggies, such as bananas, apples, and berries. Ask your vet for specific advice on feeding your prickly pal.

Making Friends

Hedgehogs are quite gentle, though you may find that some are more affectionate than others. In fact, Hedgie is quite timid by nature. Take care not to scare the little guy! You want him to get used to you, and help him learn to associate you with positive things, like feeling secure and getting treats. Let him have a few days to settle in before you try to handle him. Then, gently hold him in your hand. He may curl up: just talk to him until he relaxes. Try to hang out with the little guy every day. Just don’t scoop him up from behind, or while he’s sleeping.

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