Great Ways to Pamper Your Parrot on Pet Bird Day

Do you have a parrot? If so, you may want to put a mark on your calendar for September 17th: it’s Pet Bird Day! This is a great time to spoil Polly a bit! Read on as a local Dallas, GA vet lists some great ways to brighten up your feathered pal’s day.

Bird Spa

Birds are very clean, and they both enjoy and benefit from baths. It’s pretty warm out, so let your pet have a spray bath. It’s worth noting that birds have different preferences for bathing. Some may enjoy a bird bath, while others may want a perch in the shower.


One of the best things about birds is the fact that they are so affectionate. Let Polly hang out on you for a while!

Photo Session

Polly is very photogenic! Try getting some cute shots of your winged buddy. You can offer her some toys or treats, or experiment with (safe) props.

Have A Chat

Does your bird talk? Whether Polly is a little chatterbox, or is mostly quiet, she will appreciate being spoken to. Try teaching your bird a few new words, or playing some new sounds for her to mimic.

Dance Party

It’s almost impossible not to smile when seeing videos of dancing birds. Try playing some fun, upbeat music for your winged pal, and see if she responds.


No pet holiday is complete without a yummy treat! Here’s one many parrots love: remove the core from an apple. Then, stuff the opening with almonds, baby carrot sticks, pasta, and/or herbs.

Movie Night

As you’re winding down for the day, opt for a cute movie starring one of our winged friends. Rio and Paulie are both great options!


Toys are absolutely crucial to your feathered pal’s health and well-being. You can run to a pet store, or make your own. You can use things like poker chips, popsicle sticks, rice cakes, cupcake holders, playing cards, and/or plastic shower rings to make a hanging toy. Or, give your pet a fun basket by putting lots of these items into a wicker basket or shoebox. Just don’t give Polly anything that could be dangerous for her, such as small or sharp items.

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